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Nancy Fricchione at the Arivaca Artist's Co-op

My name is Nancy Fricchione. My late husband, Robert and I started making furniture about 16 years ago. He passed away in 2001 and I continued to make our special style of furniture.

Where do I get my logs?
In the past most of my logs came from Mexico. Current U.S . laws make it too difficult and costly for me to do this. I have a small stockpile of logs and I occasionally can buy logs from ranches and local suppliers.
What kind of finish do you use?
I usually make my own finish out of either tung or danish oil combined with linseed oil and mineral spirits. I put on a minimum of 4 coats and often 6 or more. An oil finish does not make the wood water proof so it is best to use coasters.
What do you recomend for cleaning and polishing your furniture?
Any oil-based polish will work 
How long does it take to make a piece?
Usually 2-3 weeks. Sometimes during my busiest season, from Jan. thru April, I get backed up with orders, then there may be a a longer wait. Best time to make a special order is May thru Nov.
Do you make chairs?
No, but I have excellent referals for mesquite chairs
Do you make pieces with drawers?
Not usually, but occasionally I colaborate with a friend to make something with drawers.
What about shipping?
Mesquite is very heavy. Sometimes if the piece is small enough, I can package and ship by UPS. For larger pieces I have been doing business with a company who does an excellent job of shipping. If you call or email your zipcode, I can give you shipping costs. 

I enjoy making furniture which is considered functional art. I do the best job that I can everytime I make a piece.

My Employees

I do not have any employees. I work by myself with an occasional helping hand from my children. Mesquite is heavy! I do have a friend who helps me cut logs.

My Company

Arivaca Mesquite was started in 1993. My husband Robert and I were cutting firewood on the Sopori Ranch in Amado, Az. Robert decided that some of the logs were too beautiful to cut  and burn, so he made a bench. People saw the bench and asked for more.

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